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First group of available Heterodons added

09.08.2019 11:40
Hi, just added first group of Heterodons which are ready to go to new homes. They all eat thawed pinkies on regular basis. There is description on each photo. Delivery possible to Hamm or worldwide with DDI. Wholesale welcome, prices on request. Hope you like them. More info PM.

Breeding season 2019

07.02.2019 17:45
Hello all friends, I wont be adding anymore news here as I publish all news on my facebook page OCReptiles, you are welcome to follow me there. Still I will be adding availables and photos of snakes here. All the best in 2019 my friends. Ondrej

Beginning of 2018

12.02.2018 18:21
Hi friends, its the time of the year when fun beggins. Id like to write a few words about my plans for 2018. All of my snakes are settled in a terrariums and today was a first day feeding, suprisingly it went very well, almost all snakes are eating and will be ready to breed soon. My planned...

Middle of the breeding season 2017

05.05.2017 09:39
Its been a while since i posted some update from Its been very busy here recently as most of the females are gravid and laying eggs. Looks like 2017 will be great year here, but there are only eggs yet so we will see what is gonna hatch. At first I will go through some new additions...

2016 Babies are hatching

14.07.2016 20:28
Breeding season 2016 is just in the middle for me, just expecting most females to double clutch eggs. Last eggs from Lavender 66% Hypo x StripedAnaconda female are just about to hatch, looking forward to some nice striped anacondas het Lavender poss HYPO, really looking fprward to this one to...

Breeding season 2016

12.06.2016 16:10
Hello all snake fans. I will write few words how this breeding season progressing. I have some nice eggs in the incubator such as eggs from pairing nice Striped Anaconda female with Lavender 66% Hypo male hopefully incubation goes well and there will be some nice Striped Anaconda het Lavender poss...

Winter update

27.12.2015 20:25
Most of my snakes sleeping now so Id like to write a few lines what I hope for in 2016 here in OCReptiles. I will try to breed my axantic anacondas NY line and fingers crossed I will produce some nice NY line axantic condas and maybe axantic superconda :). They are really nice silver colour...

Great breeding season 2014

17.11.2014 19:09
It was really busy year for me as I didnt expect that many babies to hatch :). Had over 80 babies from my hognoses so Im really happy with that, it was a nice surprise and I was enjoying every new born hoggie. I had six clutches from four females, great surprise was pairing Conda 66% het Axantic...

Breeding season 2014 and new additions

12.03.2014 11:22
 Just came from Hamm reptile expo and brought some interesting snakes back with me. Havent taken photos yet as they are in a new environment so I dont want to annoy them with camera. Ive got one pair of L. alterna River Road and another pair of Observatory locality they are really stunning...

New additions to my collection

20.11.2013 16:10
I forgot to mention new snakes Ive got;). There is one Heterodon n. n. anaconda het axantic in my collection from Brent Bumgardner and I have reserved one female striped anaconda from Jamie Fidderz as well, really lookin fwd to her as I will be pickin up her in Hamm. I have reserved one...
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