Beginning of 2018

12.02.2018 18:21

Hi friends, its the time of the year when fun beggins. Id like to write a few words about my plans for 2018. All of my snakes are settled in a terrariums and today was a first day feeding, suprisingly it went very well, almost all snakes are eating and will be ready to breed soon. My planned breedings of HETERODONS for this year (just plans reality will be definetly different :) )

• Axantic Anaconda x Axantic Anaconda

• Anaconda 100% het Axantic x Axantic Anaconda

• Normal DH Snow x Snow Leopard pattern

• SuperarcticSuperconda x SuperArctic

• Striped Anaconda x SuperArctic

• Anaconda 100% het Lavender x Lavender

My planned breeding of LAMPROPELTIS for this year

• Lampropeltis alterna Ghost x Lampropeltis alterna Anery 100% Ghost

• Lampropeltis alterna Albino x Lampropeltis alterna Ghost

• Lampropeltis alterna 100% Lucy x Lampropeltis alterna Lucy

• Lampropeltis alterna RiverRoad x Lampropeltis alterna RiverRoad

• Lampropeltis mexicana thayeri Orange Leopard x Lampropeltis mexicana thayeri Orange

• Lampropeltis ruthveni striped x Lampropeltis ruthveni 100% striped

I have adult pair of Candoia paulsoni St. Isabells Im trying them together so will see, so far male was trying to breed female but havent seen them locked. Just tried as I dont have a second adult male.

There are some nice Heterodons CB17 still available, especially Condas 100% Lavender, Normals 100% Lavender and quite rare Normals DH Lavender/Axantic (DH visual hasnt been named yet) so if you see something you would like to add to your collection send me PM and we will chat about it.

Wish you all have a great breeding season 2018, looking fwd to see photos of the first reptile babies :).