2023 Update

13.04.2023 15:01

Hello, its been long time since I posted some update here, most photos and info is updated on my FB page OCReptiles quite often. For Heterodons and Lampropeltis its beginning of breeding season so I expect eggs from some nice females soon( some of this years pairings: AlbinoSuperArctic SuperConda x SuperArctic SuperConda het Albino, Super Yeti x Axanthic Conda het Snow, Lavender Conda het Mercury x Conda het Mercury, Sable Conda x Lavender Conda...) so fingers crossed for some nice eggs soon. Its start of the breeding season for Crested Geckos too, just forund the first eggs few days ago. I put together only one group of SuperDalmatians this year but these are really most spotted I ever had so hopefully they have strong Dalmatian genes and hatch some heavy spotted SuperDalmatians soon. There are two groups of Axanthics with two visual males from Method Noir and unrelated females all 100% hetero Axanthic. Hopefully I will be able to add one more group as there are some nice axanthics and 100% hetero axanthics growing, Im aiming to hatch as dark as possible babies with pinstripe pattern. That are my plans for this year, hope you all have a great season 2023 and many healthy animals. OCReptiles