Middle of the breeding season 2017

05.05.2017 09:39

Its been a while since i posted some update from ocreptiles.net. Its been very busy here recently as most of the females are gravid and laying eggs. Looks like 2017 will be great year here, but there are only eggs yet so we will see what is gonna hatch. At first I will go through some new additions to my reptile collection, Ive got some really nice Hognoses to the Arctic group, it was suppose to be 1.1 but they are two males, one SuperArctic and other ArcticAnaconda, hopefully I will get a nice female for them soon. Other addition isnt hognose but Greybanded, my collection is getting quite big now, but I really love these Kings, Ive got adult Ghost Greybanded male, he was locked with couple females so hopefully I produce some nice babies. At the last Hamm Reptile show Ive got 1.1 Candoia paulsoni St Isabell and they are really High White, stunning pair, will have to take some photos soon :)

So now whats in the incubator and whats expected. There are eggs from 3 females Hognoses so far. First one is from female Anaconda het Lavender with male Lavender 66% PurpleHaze, Im looking forward to some Lavenders and Lavender Anacondas, fingers crossed. Second clutch is from really beautiful AxanticAnaconda I hatched 3 years ago with Lavender 66% PurpleHaze so Im expecting all babies DH Lavender/Axantic and half of the Anacondas, will be holding back some of these as I havent seen many of them round and it could result in a nice morph which nobody produced yet..... There is more eggs to be laid soon :)

Now from my Kingsnakes collection, there are 4 clutches so far and Im really excited abou all of them. First one is from my female Greybanded Axantic poss Hypo which was locked with my new male Ghost, there are 15 eggs in the incubator so hopefully there are some nice axantics and maybe ghost babies. Second and third clutch are from my VariableKings both females are beautiful one is Leopard and other is Leopard/patternless line both were locked with male from Leopard line USCB. Fourth clutch is from my RiverRoad locality pair USCB and I have no clue what to expect, both parrents have speckled pattern so they could produce really nice Speckled/patternless babies, really lookin fwd to these. There might be a few more clutches from Greybandeds as I have 2 more females gravid.

That would be all for now from here, wish you all best of luck with this years breeding.