Breeding season 2016

12.06.2016 16:10

Hello all snake fans. I will write few words how this breeding season progressing. I have some nice eggs in the incubator such as eggs from pairing nice Striped Anaconda female with Lavender 66% Hypo male hopefully incubation goes well and there will be some nice Striped Anaconda het Lavender poss Hypo babies in a few weeks time :). There are two more clutches from Heterodons and one clutch from PastelKings(only 3 eggs).
Last week I came back from Hamm Reptile show in Germany and brought beautiful Greybanded Ghost blairi phase back home with me, will take some photos soon as he was in a shed when we came back. Now he is after first feeding here in ocreptiles and looks stunning after shed. I will try to put him together with my huge female Greybanded blairi phase so hopefully he does the job and there will be few eggs in a few weeks time. Id love to produce some DH Ghost Greybandeds this year so fingers crossed.
There is nice Thayeri leopard female after prelay shed so I hope there are some fertile eggs in a nest box in a few days too.Im expecting some female to double clutch as well so there should be a few more eggs in the incubator soon.

More photos and informations on my FaceBook page.

Good luck all of you with this year clutches.