2016 Babies are hatching

14.07.2016 20:28

Breeding season 2016 is just in the middle for me, just expecting most females to double clutch eggs. Last eggs from Lavender 66% Hypo x StripedAnaconda female are just about to hatch, looking forward to some nice striped anacondas het Lavender poss HYPO, really looking fprward to this one to hatch.

I have 26 babies so far and almost all are eating unscented, only one female DH CORAL poss HYPO doesnt want to eat so I have to try some tricks with her.

Hatched some nice babies, all really big ones and soon ready to move to their new homes. There are some nice Snows, Axantics het Snow, Albino het Snow, DH Snow, DH Coral poss HYPO, individual photos of each baby snake is on my web under availables.

Wasnt very lucky with Kingsnakes this year, but still waiting on one clutch from huge Greybanded female, she was with Ghost Greybanded so if everything goes well I could have some DH GHOST GREYBANDEDS this year and this would be best clutch for me as I really love these snakes. Fingers crossed :).

Looking forward to Hamm show as Im getting four new snakes. Getting adult pair of Thayeri patternless/leopard line and new thing for me and thats what Im really excited about is Candoia Paulsoni St. Isabell, looking fwd to them all :).

Have a nice summer with lots of breeding successes :)