Winter update

27.12.2015 20:25

Most of my snakes sleeping now so Id like to write a few lines what I hope for in 2016 here in OCReptiles. I will try to breed my axantic anacondas NY line and fingers crossed I will produce some nice NY line axantic condas and maybe axantic superconda :). They are really nice silver colour axantics from this line and male is striped anaconda, thats breeding Im the most excited about. In 2015 I produced really nice snow with leopard pattern male so Id like to try to breed him with DH snow female and produce Hogs with this really nice pattern.One more think from my hognose collection Im really excited about is really nice lavender 66% hypo male which is adult and hopefully he will do the job with some female :).

I have some nice adult kingsnakes Im goin to try to breed too. There is anery greybanded male Id like to breed with a big alterna blairi phase, hopefully I will produce some hetero anery greybandeds again. There is a pair of the pastel kings electric orange Im goin to try to breed as well, they had an unfertiled clutch in 2015 so I hope they will surprise me in 2016. There is few more snakes which might surprise me in 2016, but as I said it will be surprise :).

I had an opportunity to increase my collection this year and new additions are for example Lampropelis alterna leucistic pair, Lampropeltis ruthveni abberant which I hasnt taken photo yet, my two holdbacks from 2015 male snow leopard pattern and female red DH snow leopard pattern. Im goin to update all photos after Xmas.

I wish to all my friends Marry Xmas and Happy New Year 2016. Have great year 2016 not only in breeding reptiles :)