Great breeding season 2014

17.11.2014 19:09

It was really busy year for me as I didnt expect that many babies to hatch :). Had over 80 babies from my hognoses so Im really happy with that, it was a nice surprise and I was enjoying every new born hoggie. I had six clutches from four females, great surprise was pairing Conda 66% het Axantic with my Axantic female, this clutch had proven Conda male and the result was 4 axantic condas, 3 condas het axantic and 6 axantics all really beautifu silvery colour and healthy hogs from NY line. Unfortunetly axantic female died:(. Another really nice clutch was from pairing axantic het snow with Albino female, there were hogs with twin spot and leopard pattern Ive sold the nicest ones so I hope it proves to be genetic especially leopard pattern, fingers crossed for Pepe :).... Im holding 3 hogs from this year :) PAir of the axantic condas and snow male.

I have some plans for next year breeding but u never know what happens. Id like to pair axantic conda male with conda het axantic NYline, hopefully they will be ready and like each other :). I have one more female ready for him, shes a perfect stripe conda het for nothing so I hope for a nice striped condas het axantic and maybe axantic supers :).

As I have a really nice kingsnakes Id like to try to put together my axantic greybands and really nice electric orange pastel kings which are more than ready now. I have reserved leucistic greybanded male and het lucy female, Im really excited about getting these two and if everything goes well I could have them in December :). 

Still have some nice hogs available so If u are interested in some let me know and I make u a nice price.

Now Im getting all snakes ready for brumation, hopefully all goes well. Im really looking fwd to next year breeding. I wish u all enjoy the break when snakes are sleeping :). Take care all my snake friends :)