End of the breeding season and cooling down started

20.11.2013 15:53

This season is over, I was lucky with second clutch of axantic Heterodon female, hatched two nice babies, it is 1.1 axantic and both feeding perfectly. Was unlucky with L. alterna clutch, there was 4 eggs till the end of incubation all looked good, but when I decided to open them there were two eggs empty and other two were deformed fully developed babies:/, hopefully next year I will be luckier with them. Also I hatched really nice babies of Correlophus ciliatus and they will be available soon. Now I have just one egg from Cresties and male was moved from females so there will be no more eggs this year.

I have started with cooling my snakes down so they will be moved to the basement soon. Id like to try to brumate them in a bit warmer temps than last year so hopefully all goes well;).