Breeding season 2014 and new additions

12.03.2014 11:22

 Just came from Hamm reptile expo and brought some interesting snakes back with me. Havent taken photos yet as they are in a new environment so I dont want to annoy them with camera. Ive got one pair of L. alterna River Road and another pair of Observatory locality they are really stunning snakes and I always wanted some of these. Ive got one more snake its an adult female L. alterna blairi Juno Road which Id like to pair with my axantic male so fingers crossed;). Thats all Ive brought with me from Germany and photos will follow soon.

So now about my other snakes, they are all out of the brumation and eating well, Ive already put some hogs together and seen few nice locks. Lock Im most excited about is my Conda 66% axantic and Axantic female, they were locked for more than six hours:). There were some other locks which I seen for example Axantic het snow male with my huge normal female so I hope for some healthy eggs soon. Have more females ready so will be trying to pair them with some males soon.

I wish you all great breeding season 2014