Breeding 2013 part 2

14.07.2013 19:25

Not very lucky with heterodons this year, my anery female laid 18 unfertiled eggs:(, I tried her again with my anery het snow male and she is in a prelay shed now, so hope for some good eggs. Another good news is that my alterna het anery laid 5 good eggs and 4 slugs so we'll see how it goes and hopefully there will be some anery alterna in a 56 days or so;). I'll be trying to put together my big female hetrodon nasicus with anery male so hope they like each other;).

My cresties have started breeding long time ago so I have many eggs from them and already 4 nice babies all really 100% pinstripes.

Thats it for now fingers crossed everything goes good for all ;)